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Things you may or may not know:

Your garbage disposal can be one of the easiest things to clean in your home. All you need is a combination of ice and citrus fruits. This will clean and sharpen your blades and make your kitchen smell good. This also may lengthen the life of your disposer.

Things you should never do to your garbage disposal:

You should never pour grease or fat down your disposer or any drain. It can build up in the pipes and cause blockages. Always put cooled grease or fat in jar and dispose in the trash.

Do not fill disposer with a lot of veggie peels at one time. Instead, turn on water and disposer on first and carefully and gradually feed the peels in.

It is not a good idea to grind extremely fibrous materials such as corn husks, artichokes, etc. or anything sticky like pastas. This will help to avoid blockages.

Chlorine tablets that you drop in your toilet tank are very bad for your toilet tank components. The Chlorine degrades the rubber and neoprene components and will slowly eat away at your flapper, which may cause it to leak or consistently run.

Top three things you need to know about your home in case of a plumbing emergency:

Location of your main water line and shut off.

Location of your irrigation shut off.

Location of all cleanouts.

If you have a neighbor or a friend that watches your home, they also need to know where all these items are in case of an emergency.